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    iPhone 6 Plus, The biggest bright spot is ignored by everyone

    Last month, two-year contract signed by me and Verizon expire finally, so I give myself a new iPhone 6 Plus. At that time, the aircraft has been already available for two months, so I know clearly what I am looking forward to have in this mobile phone. In terms of mobile phone screen size and quality, compared with the iPhone 5 there is a qualitative leap of the iPhone 6 Plus. For example, although I use it with a large number of calls, using bluetooth hands-free function every day, the mobile phone’s battery life can still maintain the nearly two days; The camera imaging effect of iPhone 6 Plus has been the sharply higher. But, all this above have been heard countless times before buying the iPhone 6 Plus, and this is also the biggest reason I buy this machine. But to be fair, wit


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