iPhone 6 Plus, The biggest bright spot is ignored by everyone

28 Dec 2014

Last month, two-year contract signed by me and Verizon expire finally, so I give myself a new iPhone 6 Plus. At that time, the aircraft has been already available for two months, so I know clearly what I am looking forward to have in this mobile phone.

In terms of mobile phone screen size and quality, compared with the iPhone 5 there is a qualitative leap of the iPhone 6 Plus. For example, although I use it with a large number of calls, using bluetooth hands-free function every day, the mobile phone’s battery life can still maintain the nearly two days; The camera imaging effect of iPhone 6 Plus has been the sharply higher.
But, all this above have been heard countless times before buying the iPhone 6 Plus, and this is also the biggest reason I buy this machine. But to be fair, with the high strength use of iPhone 6 Plus nearly a month, I was still convinced by the other performances of this product.

First, the sound quality of the iPhone 6 Plus speaker is very good, the playback audio file by it is loud and clear, and full of textures. Before this, because I didn’t buy any iPhone external speaker products, I often use my Macbook Pro to listen to music and radio. But after with the iPhone 6 plus, I have started to use the product to be more responsible for this job.

For instance, if I dispatch the iPhone 6 Plus speaker volume to maximum, I can be very comfortable to listen to music or radio in the room. Of course, the volume size is one thing, the sound quality is another matter. HTC One is an exception, this phone can be the most wonderful in all my mobile phone in a speaker sound quality performance, and the iPhone 6 Plus, ranking the second(The volume of the iPhone 6 Plus performance has even been beyond the HTC One).

Some analysts believe that, it is not smart enough for Apple iPhone 6 Plus to put the loudspeaker design at the bottom of the mobile phone, because if we hold the iPhone 6 Plus watching movies in landscape mode, the speakers of cellphones may be blocked by hands. This is right, but if you are used to put the mobile phones on the table talking with a friend, or to clean the room, Apple’s this design is actually true.

It should be pointed out that, if you want to use the iPhone 6 Plus for a big party, you still need to use the external speaker equipment to adjust atmosphere. But if you just for a small group of friends party build atmosphere, we can believe the iPhone 6 Plus speaker will be enough to meet your requirements.

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