Playing coolly with the iPad in the Industrial design museum

25 Dec 2014


The Yang Mingjie industrial design museum converted from a one hundred - year - old power station was in Shanghai red fang ADC center of art and design, collections of thousands of pieces of old products of British industrial revolution were on display here in Yang Mingjie, the iron series from the qing dynasty so far, the old typewriter from Paris, the rose bowl of copper bags from Los Angeles, USA flea market, all of them are selected by Yang Mingjie himself, making a person love admiringly, recounting the history of industrial design, and also shows the birth of a series of new industrial products and the new aesthetic value. Modern library collects and shows the hundreds of contemporary winning German red dot, IF, the G Mark, the four top prizes of excellent design of industrial products, in the modern design, Apple will certainly be one of the best, it becomes the representative of the American designs, a classic of the honor.


At the moment in Yang Mingjie industrial design museum there is a conversation of technology and fashion, here, the iPad overturns our cognitive, realizing the through of virtual and reality, iPad extends the consistent style of Apple, combining modern and high-tech, to the end.


When it comes to the use of intelligent equipment innovation, the various possibilities of playing with iPad in a museum of the industrial design having one hundred years of history, are a giantimpact of classic and foresight, fashion and the impact of science and technology, which has a spark.


The emergence of digital products brings us to the future from the past, at the same time they also make the magic show become more diversified, it subverts our cognitive with infinite imagination, realizing the exchange of the digital world and the real world: the pictures downloaded to iPad can instantly become physical, the food and drinks in the screen are free to take out to eat, the human body can be in and out of the free in the digital media…


Playing iPad in industrial design museum the first play: crossing back to the old industrial age, to see a soft fabric wall first, to see a mottled old box wall again, telling the older people of a different aesthetic in different areas.


Playing iPad in industrial design museum the second play: thinking back to the present, the small machine leaning on large industrial machinery and equipments, the good design is a heavy hammer, or lightweight?


Playing iPad in industrial design museum the third play: testing in the CMF innovation laboratory with a future sense of with hundreds of industrial materials, the research of colors, materials and help design the way of surface treatment to improve the way of life, maybe one day we can eat the invisible medium…


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