A big screen for Christmas, iPhone6 plus for ¥5288 in Guangzhou

25 Dec 2014

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus appears to control the whole machine size very well, although the screen size adds a lot but the measurements control very well, and the whole screen of iPhone6 also improves than ever before, the positive feeling of the entire fuselage compact becomes stronger, and the visual impact is bigger, this is the reason that the screen size increases but the measurements are good. Recently the Apple iPhone 6 Plus Guangzhou AiFeng Telecom(Ten years old Quality assurance Supportment in installment ) are on sale, at the price of 5288(Students for zero down payment), friends interested can contact the mobile phone business.
The iPhone6 Plus is a whole piece of panel from the front, unlike previous we can see a certain radian on the edges, this is the 2.5D curved surface glass adopted by a lot of the Lumia company models. On the design of the sensor and a front-facing camera, Iphone 6 has not changed too much compared with the before ones, iPhone 6 puts the front camera on the left side of the receiver, the light and the distance sensor is over the phone.

iPhone 6 Plus is a very good smartphone, the machine has a large 5.5 -inch in the fuselage configuration, and the resolution has reached the best level of 1080p, the effect of the display will be more clear and fine. In addition the machine also supports optical image stabilization technology, the performance of pictures is very outstanding.




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